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Case Studies

Jointless Floors

Winstone Wallboards Christchurch

For joint free restrained slabs – Dramix Combi Slab continually proves to be the best solution.

When constructing large, jointless, restrained warehouse slabs, there are only two options. A conventionally reinforced slab with two layers of heavy mesh, or the much more economical Dramix Combi Slab solution utilising 4D Dramix fibres and a single layer of mesh.

Comsi Slab also proves an excellent option for external yard slabs, providing large joint-free bays that are economical to construct.

Technical solution:

  • • 4D 65/60BG fibre + single layer mesh


• Seamless 8000m2 internal floor slab with no Joints or Maintenance
• Higher load capacity – compared to mesh or PT slab of the same thickness