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SYNMIX®: Synthetic Fibres for Concrete Reinforcement

Efficient and Cost Effective: Introducing Synmix®, the innovative synthetic fibre solution for concrete reinforcement in applications where plain concrete governs the design. Synthetic Fibres are suitable in applications where deflections, rotations, crack widths, bending, shear and creep are less critical, such as:

  • Mining (Enhanced Stability and Rock Control):
    Control rock movement in mines when crack width isn’t critical.
  • Precast Concrete Elements (Basic crack control for early age shrinkage):
    Increase durability and versatility for construction applications.
  • Lightly loaded slabs (Basic crack control for early age shrinkage):
    Replace crack control mesh in footpaths, driveways and office slabs.

The Synmix® Advantage:

  • Cost Effective: Replace crack control steel mesh in saw cut slabs. The thickness of the slab is based on the flexural capacity of the plain concrete section and Synmix® is used for early age shrinkage control.
  • Improved Toughness: Increase the ability of concrete to absorb and dissipate energy, making it more resistant to impact.
  • Lightweight and Cost Effective: Lighter than steel mesh, Synmix® can offer weight savings and potentially reduce material costs.

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