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mining3miningDRAMIX® Steel fibres have been utilised in the mining sector for numerous major projects.

Some of the areas DRAMIX® has been used are:

  • Heavy Machinery Workshops Jacking Slabs
  • Hard Stands Refuelling Bays
  • Wash Down Slabs Tunnel Pavements
  • Crusher Foundations Access Roads

DRAMIX® Steel fibres in slabs can either work with conventional mesh/bar to give tighter crack control and enhanced durability or they can completely replace mesh/bar to provide slabs that are not only easier and faster to construct but offer enhanced performance in terms of load carrying capacity, impact resistance and fatigue performance.



For underground structures both DRAMIX® steel and SYNMIX Synthetics are utilised for:
  • Shotcrete Shaft-lining
  • Synmix macro fibres are typically used in ground support and other applications where significant deflections, rotations, crack widths and ongoing creep are not of concern

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