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Tunneling: Redefining Concrete Reinforcement with Dramix® Steel Fibres

Dramix® steel fibres are revolutionizing tunneling by replacing traditional mesh reinforcement in both dry and wet sprayed concrete. This innovative solution offers:

Technical advantages: Enhanced strength, crack control, and ductility for safer and more durable structures. Economical benefits: Reduced material costs and faster construction times, leading to increased project efficiency. Safety improvements: Easier handling and installation compared to traditional mesh, minimizing workplace hazards. Dramix® Steel Fibres

Dramix® Applications in Tunneling:

Fibre reinforced shotcrete: Ideal for both temporary and final linings, offering superior performance and longevity.

Precast tunnel segments: Enhance the strength and durability of tunnel segments manufactured with Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).

Cast-in-situ linings: Streamline construction for tunnel linings with improved crack resistance and load-bearing capacity.

Track slabs and infrastructure: Enhance the performance and lifespan of critical tunnel infrastructure elements.

Beyond Tunneling: Dramix® in Mining

Dramix® Steel Fibres Dramix® isn’t limited to tunneling. It’s also making a mark in mining through applications like:

Heavy machinery workshops: Stronger and more crack-resistant jacking slabs for heavy machinery support.

Hard stands and refueling bays: Enhanced durability for high-traffic and demanding environments.

Wash down slabs and tunnel pavements: Improved resistance to wear and tear in demanding conditions.

Crusher foundations and access roads: Increased load-bearing capacity and fatigue performance for critical mining infrastructure.

Dramix® for Slabs: Strength, Speed, and Efficiency

Dramix® steel fibres provide superior performance in slabs, whether used with traditional mesh/bar or as a complete replacement. This translates to:

Faster construction: Eliminate time-consuming mesh placement and reduce overall project timelines.

Enhanced performance: Improved crack control, load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, and fatigue life.

Cost savings: Optimize material usage and streamline construction processes for enhanced project value.

Your Partner in Tunneling and Mining Success

BOSFA is your reliable partner for smart reinforcement solutions in tunneling and mining. We offer:

Technical expertise: A dedicated team of specialists providing guidance and support throughout your project.

Project feasibility: Comprehensive analysis to ensure Dramix® is the optimal solution for your specific needs.

Reliable delivery: Consistent supply of high-quality Dramix® products to keep your project on track.

On-site assistance: Expert support from BOSFA specialists to ensure optimal application and performance.

Customized equipment: Tailored solutions to address your unique project requirements.

Contact BOSFA today and discover how Dramix® steel fibers can transform your tunneling and mining projects.

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