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Concrete floors reinforced with Dramix® steel fibre reinforcing

In the demanding world of industrial concrete floors, durability and crack resistance are paramount. Dramix® steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) offers a revolutionary solution that surpasses traditional reinforcement methods, providing exceptional strength, impact resistance, and long-lasting performance.

  • Superior Reinforcement with Even Distribution: Unlike traditional mesh reinforcement, which often leaves vulnerable areas unprotected, Dramix® steel fibers are evenly distributed throughout the concrete matrix, ensuring every part of your floor is actively reinforced. This uniform reinforcement provides exceptional crack resistance, preventing the propagation of cracks and safeguarding the integrity of your floor.
  • Enhanced Durability: Dramix® SFRC is engineered to withstand the harshest industrial environments, resisting impact, abrasion, and fatigue. The steel fibers effectively distribute stress, preventing localized damage and extending the lifespan of your floor.
  • Cost-Effective Solution for Industrial Floors: Dramix® steel fibers have proven to be the most cost-efficient solution for reinforcing industrial floors. By eliminating mesh reinforcement, you can save time and labor costs during construction while achieving superior performance.
  • Optimized Crack Control for Demanding Applications: For demanding applications where high serviceability is crucial, Dramix® 4D provides optimized crack control. This unique fiber geometry ensures exceptional crack resistance and long-lasting performance.

Experience the Dramix® Difference

Dramix® SFRC is the future of industrial flooring, offering a combination of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness that is unmatched in the industry. We have a solution for all applications and requirements:

Structural Industrial Floors

Floors on piles

The fibre-only solution for structural floors

Because of its exceptional load-bearing capacities, Dramix® 5D steel fibres enable the construction of floors on piles fully independent from the structure without or with a minimum use of mesh or other traditional reinforcement methods. This not only saves time during construction, but also creates new possibilities and new applications for floors on piles.

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Industrial raft floors

The fibre-only solution for foundation floors

The Dramix® 5D steel fibres have been designed with structural applications in mind. Its unique and outstanding performance in concrete makes it the perfect fibre-only solution for industrial floors that unlike traditional floors also act as the foundation of the building structure itself.

The 5D series not only enables you to create extremely strong and durable foundation floors, but also enables you to save time during construction since mesh is no longer needed. This is especially convenient when constructing foundation floors in more challenging circumstances and environments.

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Clad rack foundations

Concrete floors for high-tech warehouses

The Dramix® 5D series offers you the ideal solution for the reinforcement of clad rack foundations. This can be in combination with or even without the use of mesh or any other traditional reinforcement methods. Because of its unique capabilities, the 5D series provides the required strength and durability to preserve the integrity of the clad rack structure from downward, uplift from windloads, and even seismic forces.

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High Serviceability (Combi Slab)

Seamless floors

Large surfaces, intensive use, no joints

Seamless industrial floors are increasingly replacing jointless floors as the industry standard for traffic intensive and high bay warehouses. Whereas jointless floors still have expansion joints every 40 meters or less, seamless floors have no joints whatsoever no matter how large the surface of your floor. The optimized crack control and high impact resistance of the Dramix® 4D series in combination with mesh ensures the surface of your seamless floors remains intact even with intensive usage, reducing maintenance and repair costs, and boosting your productivity.

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Liquid Tight Floors

For the highest hygienic and environmental requirements

The Dramix® 4D series has been specifically designed to affect cracks between 0.1 and 0.3 mm, enabling you to create durable liquid tight floors that comply with the most stringent hygienic and environmental requirements. These 4D floors of fibres in combination with mesh have been designed in compliance with the relevant standards (Eurocode 2 and DAfstb Richtlinie (German guidelines)).

They are the perfect solution for the food, chemical, and petrochemical industry.

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Thin jointless (renovation) floors

Cost-efficient renewal of your floors

The Dramix® 4D series provides you with a cost-efficient solution for the renovation of any type of industrial floor. Using steel fibres and top mesh enables you to create a new and completely joint-free thin overlay of reinforced concrete in a minimum of time and using a minimum amount of concrete. The excellent crack control and impact resistance of the 4D series ensures that the renovation layer is durable and requires only a minimum of maintenance.

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Coated floors

A supplementary protection

Dramix® 4D floors can also be used as the substrate for hard thin toppings such as epoxy layers and other coatings. Thanks to the optimized crack control of the 4D fibres, liquids or corrosive substances are prevented from infiltrating the concrete. At the same time, potential damage from concrete cracks to your coatings is reduced to an absolute minimum. Here also the 4D series is the ideal solution in combination with mesh.

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High serviceability pavements

Heavy-duty concrete in any type of environment

The Dramix® 4D series is the ideal solution for dynamic loading: heavy-duty pavement for harbours, airports, and other outdoor industrial activities. Engineered to affect small cracks, the 4D fibres protect the pavement surface from the most severe weather conditions and the damaging effects of seawater or chemical substances. High impact resistance results in a surface free of spalling effects, ensuring safe and efficient operations, and preventing damage to machinery and containers. Because of their ease-of-use during construction, 4D pavement also represents a cost-efficient solution when compared to traditional paving methods.

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Standard Floors - Slab on grade

Saw-cut Floors

Solid and cost-efficient fibre floors

The Dramix® 3D series provides you with the most cost-efficient solution for solid, durable, and virtually maintenance-free saw-cut floors. Mesh or any other traditional reinforcement method is no longer needed to build a long-lasting floor, saving time and money during construction.

The excellent performance of the 3D steel fibres also enables you to optimize the thickness of your floors, and the amount of fibres needed for reinforcement.

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Bonded overlays

Bonded Overlays

Dramix® 3D also provides you with the ultimate solution for the repair of your floors should they ever need it: a thin overlay of steel fibre concrete respecting the existing saw-cuts.


Jointless floors

For intensive and specific usage

The Dramix® 3D series enables you to build jointless and super-flat floors for high-intensity traffic and high-bay warehouses in the most cost-efficient manner without the use of mesh and with a minimum thickness of concrete. Because of its excellent performance in impact resistance and crack control, the 3D series also offers a cost-efficient solution for more demanding applications such as cold-storage rooms.

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