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Bosfa – Champions of Sustainability (EPD) Concrete Reinforcement

Dramix Steel Fibers: Your Partner for a Greener Future

Champions of Sustainability (EPD), Bosfa believes in building a better world, one sustainable concrete project at a time. That’s why we’re proud to offer Dramix® steel fibres, the revolutionary solution for environmentally conscious construction.

1. Less is More: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Dramix fibres enable thinner concrete sections and require less steel compared to traditional reinforcement. This translates to a **significant reduction in CO2 emissions** throughout your project’s lifecycle.

  • Dramix reduces concrete thickness by 10-25%.
  • Dramix reduces steel usage by 30-50%.

2. Building for Generations: Durable Structures that Last

Dramix-reinforced concrete elements are built to withstand the test of time. Whether it’s a wear-resistant floor or a long-lasting precast pipe, you can expect **increased lifespan and lower maintenance costs**.

  • Dramix floors resist wear and tear significantly better than traditionally reinforced options.
  • Precast pipes with Dramix last 15-20 years longer, proven by wastewater treatment experts.

3. Microplastic-Free: Protecting Our Planet, One Fibre at a Time

Dramix steel fibers are a **microplastic-free** solution, exceeding stringent government regulations. Choose Dramix and build with confidence, knowing you’re contributing to a cleaner environment.

4. Sustainable Transportation: Delivering Efficiency Every Step of the Way

Dramix requires **significantly fewer deliveries** compared to bulky mesh reinforcement. We also champion #valueengineering, maximizing the efficiency of Dramix 4D 80/60BGE to further reduce transport needs.

5. Transparency and Collaboration: Building a Sustainable Future Together

At Bosfa, transparency is key. All Dramix fibres come with **Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)**, providing verified data on their environmental impact.

We also partner with leading platforms like **One Click LCA** to integrate Dramix solutions into BIM workflows and support your journey towards LEED, BREEAM, Green Star, and other sustainability certifications.

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Join the Sustainable Concrete Revolution with Bosfa and Dramix

Ready to build a greener future? Contact Bosfa today and let our team of experts help you unleash the power of Dramix steel fibres for your next project!

Together, we can build a more sustainable future, one concrete innovation at a time.

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Auditors Certificates

Under the requirements of CE certification all manufacturing facilities must be independently audited. These auditors certificates must be made available to ensure transparency and traceability. All Dramix steel fibres have CE and are independently Audited. Here is a link to our Auditors certificates from their website:

NB no.  0749 – BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association