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Dramix® Combi Slab: A Hybrid Steel Reinforced Concrete Solution

Achieving Efficient and Economical Reinforcement with Dramix® Combi Slab

In the realm of construction, the Dramix® Combi Slab stands out as a groundbreaking reinforcement solution that seamlessly blends steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) with conventional reinforcing techniques. This unique approach is designed to address the critical need for controlled cracking in concrete structures, particularly in high-traffic areas like warehouse slabs, external pavements, water-retaining bunds, basement slabs, and coated floors.

Harnessing the Synergies of Steel Fibres and Mesh

The Dramix® Combi Slab methodology intelligently integrates two types of reinforcement materials: Dramix® steel fibres and conventional reinforcing options such as steel mesh or rebar. This strategic combination aims to achieve an optimal balance of crack control and structural integrity, ensuring that concrete structures remain serviceable and operational without frequent maintenance.

  • Controlled Cracking: The design approach focuses on effectively managing crack formation in concrete structures under service stresses. By carefully controlling crack propagation, the concrete maintains its functionality and operational viability, eliminating the need for frequent interventions. This controlled cracking is particularly crucial in areas where cracks pose significant challenges, such as water-retaining structures and hygiene-sensitive coated floors.
  • Reduced Joints or Joint-Free Design: The Dramix® Combi Slab solution empowers engineers and architects to construct concrete structures with substantially fewer joints or even entirely joint-free designs. This remarkable feat opens up the possibility of implementing larger panel sizes and unique shapes, even in situations where reinforcement is essential.
  • Conventional Reinforcing Reduction: A remarkable advantage of the Dramix® Combi Slab approach lies in its ability to significantly reduce the demand for conventional reinforcing materials while maintaining the desired level of crack control. This reduction translates into substantial cost savings and accelerated construction timelines.

Exploring Dramix® Combi Slab in Action

To delve deeper into the intricacies of this combined reinforcement technique, we invite you to watch the insightful “Expert Talk – Combined Reinforcement” episode below:

Conclusion: A Symphony of Strength and Efficiency

In essence, the Dramix® Combi Slab represents a groundbreaking construction technique that harmonizes the strengths of steel fibre reinforced concrete with traditional reinforcement methods to create structurally sound and durable concrete surfaces. This approach is particularly well-suited for high-stress environments such as warehouse slabs and external pavements, where crack control and reduced maintenance are paramount.

By embracing the Dramix® Combi Slab solution, construction professionals can effectively address the challenges of controlled cracking, joint minimization, and conventional reinforcing reduction, paving the way for more efficient, durable, and cost-effective concrete structures.