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The Dramix® 4D Combi Slab solution uses SFRC combined with conventional reinforcing, providing an efficient and economical way to design concrete for an acceptable crack width. Warehouse slabs and external pavements are arguably the most important part of the tenanted space, they have to remain operational and serviceable with preferably as little maintenance as possible; and this maintenance can typically involves joints.

Dramix® 4D Combi Slab solution makes construction possible with reduced joints or even completely joint free, by designing for controlled cracking under service stresses. For floor slabs this means that any panel size or shape can be considered, even when its retrained. Where there is already a requirement for tight crack control in a structure like a water retaining bund, basement slab or coated floor for hygiene, using Dramix® 4D will allow for a significant reduction of conventional reinforcing for the same or better level of crack control.

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