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What is CE and what does it mean for Steel fibres and how they are classified?

CEEN14889-1 is currently the only performance based manufacturing standard for steel fibres, which means  manufacturers are required to declare the fibre dosage needed to meet a standard performance level. Every pallet of product supplied must have a CE label that details the manufacturing facility, fibre tensile strength, geometry and importantly this minimum dosage.

By clicking on the 5D, 4D, 3D graphics below, you can download the Dramix specific Declaration of Performance (DoP).  This certifies that the fibres are manufactured in accordance with EN14889-1, system 1 for structural use.  If a manufacturer cannot provide this document then it could mean that their QC production and declared values (fibre tensile strength, diameter, etc.) are not third party verified and not of a reliable performance.


Typical specification for designers:

  1. Fibres should be manufactured in accordance with EN14889-1, system 1 for structural use.  CE label and Declaration of Performance (DoP) to be provided to project engineer.

(If documents are not requested, then there is no way of ensuring compliance)


Dramix CE Auditors Certificates

Under the requirements of CE certification all manufacturing facilities must be independently audited. These auditors certificates must be made available to ensure transparency and traceability. All Dramix steel fibres have CE and are independently Audited. Here is a link to our Auditors certificates from their website:

NB no.  0749 – BCCA Belgian Construction Certification Association