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In 2012, BOSFA were engaged to review the composite deck design at the new Westrac facility in Perth.
The solution provided, met the requirement’s for crack control, plus provided additional benefits for the construction program and safety on site.
The end product another example of the flexibility a Dramix solution can offer a project.

The new factory of TAL (Hong Kong) Garment factory in Ba Thien, Vinh Phuc Vietnam was designed with precast hollow core panels for the upper decks. To ensure a flat surface a reinforced topping layer is placed over the precast decks. The most efficient and easiest way to place this topping layer is to utilise a Dramix Steel fibre reinforced concrete layer.
Completed in December 2015 – A total of 75,000m2 at 30mm thick was bonded to the precast panels allowing for larger distances between saw cuts upt o 10m.



Law Sue Davison Consulting Engineers were quick to recognise the benefits of using Dramix® steel fibre reinforced concrete in suspended steel deck construction by specifying it to be used with Dimonds Flatdeck in a large residential home in Dannemora, Auckland.

Dramix® steel fibre reinforced concrete has been used in industrial floors and external pavements on ground for over 30 years, and is well documented. After extensive research and development by The Steel Construction Institute in the UK it is now available for composite deck applications as an alternative to traditional mesh and bar.

Although the idea of replacing traditional steel mesh and bar with Dramix® on composite decks is quite common overseas it is relatively unknown, but not new, to New Zealand. The Johnstone Street apartments in Wellington was the first project in NZ to take advantage of using Dramix® SFRC in multi storey construction, this was back in 2001.

However, with cost pressures always on the increase and with a greater focus on site safety more and more engineers and builders are looking with interest at this alternative way to reinforce composite decking systems.

The concrete arrives on site pre-reinforced suitable for pumping straight onto the metal deck simplifying construction with significant time savings resulting in earlier project completion. There are many health and safety advantages such as reducing site handling, minimising crane lifts, reducing site congestion and reducing potential tripping hazards.

There have been several projects designed and completed in Melbourne for Australand by Anglo Italian Concrete P/L, using the Formula Floors D & C approach. The CABAC facility at Seven Hills, is the first Formula Floors package put forward by Anglo Italian and accepted by Australand in Sydney.

The 8,000 sqm internal slab was designed to carry a 6 tonne post load and had to be a burnish finish providing a hard wearing, very flat floor.

Concrete was supplied by Hanson Construction Materials, at Pendle Hill and the slab area was completed in 7 pours. All Dramix® Steel Fibre Concrete was placed by Laser Screed resulting in very flat tolerances.

As well as the ground slabs there were two composite suspended slabs on King Floor 70 decking incorporating Dramix® high performance RC80/60 BN steel fibres. This allowed for ease of placement and met with OH&S standards on site.

CABAC Distribution Facility, Seven Hills, Sydney