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BOSFA were approached to offer a design solution for the shotcrete covering the contiguous piles surrounding the New Children’s Hospital in Perth Western Australia. A State Government project constructed by the John Holland Group.
The design requirement was for a design crack width of 0.2mm being achieved using Bekaert®’s proprietary design software. The solution uses a std mesh and a dose rate of Dramix fibres to achieve the desired crack width.
With approximately 5Klm of shotcrete the design has proved to be a very cost effective design solution.

Civil type shotcrete utilising a Dramix steel fibre reinforced concrete solution, can simplify the design and make construction much faster and easier.

Dramix® RC-80/35-BN (end-hooked, length 35mm, diameter 0,45mm) and a single mesh ?8-15cm were applied. Due to the curvature and the limited shell thickness of 6cm to 12cm it would have been very difficult to install a complicated traditional reinforcement in an accurate and safe way. Concrete was applied by shotcrete technology. With the chosen combination, both serviceability and ultimate limit state could be designed.


Valencia (Spain)

Alberto Domingo Cabo