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Client/Developer/Engineers: Macaulay Metals
Contractor: Ace of Trades Ltd- Macaulay Metals Concrete Contractor
Ready Mix Supplier: Holcim New Zealand
Type(s): Unrestrained Combi Slab – Yard Slab

  • External Combi Slab
  • Client/Developer/Engineers: Federal Group Construction
  • Contractor: Conset Construction
  • Ready Mix Supplier: Firth Industries

Client/Developer/Engineers: – BAKELS NZ LTD
Contractor: – Teak Construction
Ready Mix Supplier: – Atlas Concrete


Client/Developer: Bluescope Steel
Engineer: Westlake Punnett (Wollongong)
Ready Mix Supplier: Cleary Bros

Developer – Toll Group
Builders – Vaughan Constructions
Engineers – Inertia Engineering
Premix Suppliers – Holcim Concrete
Contractor – Kraftur

Client/Developer: MetLifecare Limited
Engineer: Calibre Consulting
Contractor: Fosters Construction
Ready Mix Supplier: Firth Industries

Client/Developer: Bascik Transport
Engineer: Engenium
Main Contractor incl. D&B: Calder Stewart
Ready Mix Supplier: Firth Industries

Slab Type(s):
• Warehouse: Dramix Fibre Only Jointless Floor
• Yard / External: Dramix Combi Slab

Client/Developer – Goodman
Main Contractor – Federal Construction
D&B Contractor – Conset Construction
Ready Mix Supplier – Firth Industries

Client/Developer – Stanley Black & Decker
Main Contractor – Federal Group
Design & Build Contractor – Conset Construction Ltd
Ready Mix Supplier – Firth Industries

Client/Developer: Balar Family Trust
Engineer: Engenium
D&B Contractor: Hanham & Philp Contractors Ltd
Ready Mix Supplier: Ashby’s Ready Mixed (Allied Concrete)

An innovative solution using Dramix 5D steel fibre reinforcing to reduce the amount of conventional reinforcement required for shear, bending moment and crack control. The solution proved to be quicker, easier and more cost effective than the traditional more labour intensive option.

Schenk facility in Jandakot Western Australia is not your usual commercial shed, there’s pits, services, and major equipment that requires careful consideration. The engineers on this project, have done an outstanding job in considering all the client’s requirements. Most of the internal slabs are constructed from BOSFA’s, tried and tested Dramix 3D product with a slab thickness of 200mm to accommodate the heavier than normal loads.

There are two large sections internally that required additional detailing due to the sensitivity of the machines being used, for this the engineers adopted a Dramix 4D Combi Slab. The combi slab allows for larger fully restrained slabs to be poured with no jointing, no saw cuts and no dowelled joints.