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An innovative solution using Dramix 5D steel fibre reinforcing to reduce the amount of conventional reinforcement required for shear, bending moment and crack control. The solution proved to be quicker, easier and more cost effective than the traditional more labour intensive option.

In the red-hot New Zealand construction market, reducing the time to fix and tie steel reinforcing can provide major benefits to a construction programme. Calibre Consulting Engineers utilised Dramix 5D 65/60 BG fibre to redesign this 900mm deep, 1000m2 raft slab, resulting in the elimination of a significant volume of conventional reinforcing. The combined solution (fibre + conventional reinforcing) provided equivalent structural performance and crack control with approximately 40% less conventional steel, all designed in accordance with NZS3101. The revised design was significantly faster to construct and approximately 10-15% cheaper than the original design.

Engineer: Calibre Consulting
Main Contractor: Envision Eighty20
Concrete Contractor: Structural Concrete Solutions
Concrete Supplier: Firth Industries

Observation Deck for a rare migratory bird population – Southern Sydney.

With the increased capacity available when using Dramix 5D the engineers were able to utilise the extra capacity to reduce the traditional reinforcement in these tilt up panels. With the added bonus of increased impact capacity a big plus for bulk storage facilities.

Dramix 5D65/60BG was used to replace all the conventional structural reinforcing in over 3km of foundations required to support the concrete sound barriers along State Highway 1 in Ellerslie. 

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During the construction process BOSFA were asked to review the current reinforcing for the footings and if we could replace with Dramix fibres. BOSFA assessed all the footings and a Dramix fibre only solution was proposed and accepted by the builder.
The Dramix footings saved well over a week in fabrication time for the cages and significantly speed up the construction process.

When faced with some very intricate foundation work at Duncraig SHS in Perth, Firm construction approached their architect to consider the use of a Dramix fibre solution. With a simple dose rate of Dramix 5D we met the structural requirement’s of the footings and made the construction easier and quicker.

The new Kiwi Rail Locomotive wash slab in Christchurch was designed to be watertight without any joints. Dramix 5D structural steel fibre was used to provide additional capacity in the foundations and was also used in the slab to design for a nominal crack width of 0.2mm.

The poor ground meant that a difficult and complex cage was required to be fabricated for each pad foundation, of a new manufacturing facility. Dramix 5D steel fibre reinforced concrete was a quick, easy and cost effective option that didn’t compromise on quality or safety.

This inconspicuous and often ignored sign, unless it’s advertising cheap fuel, has utilised the benefits of Dramix steel fibres. Dramix 5D steel fibres were designed to replace all of the conventional steel reinforcing in the large Foundation, and were easily able to accommodate the structural requirements making for much faster and easier construction.
Simply dig the Foundation hole, and fill it with Dramix steel fibre reinforced concrete.

Dexus 12,000m2 warehouse utilised Dramix 5D for all foundations, eliminating the need for any traditional reinforcement.

The cracked Dramix® 5D section in bending is stronger than the uncracked section, this allowed replacement of the structural
reinforcing and in some cases enabled a re-design of the pad foundation.

This increased the speed of construction and reduced concrete wastage from overcut foundations that are common with caged foundations to guarantee minimum cover requirements. Replacing this cage resulted in time, labour and material savings and a provided a more durable structure.

TYPE OF APPLICATION: Warehouse Pad Foundations

Constructed: 2013
Location: Sydney

ENGINEER: Mott MacDonald