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Case Studies

4D High Serviceability (CombiSlab) Industrial Slab on Grade / CombiSlab / Flooring / Liquid Tight Floors

Happy Valley Outlet Channel South Australia

  • SA water project, SMEC Eng.
  • Construction of flood channel
  • 700m in length 8m wide
  • Difficulty in detailing for joints and restraint with expected high water flow.20m/sec.
  • High volume of steel needed to control cracking and seepage issues.

Technical solution:

  • Fibre type: Dramix® 4D 65/60BG
  • Fully restrained slab Nominal C/W 0.2mm
  • 35kg/m3
  • 12mm custom mesh at 100mm centres Top
  • Concrete quality: C40/50
  • No Joints


  • Reduced 2 layers of bars + mesh
  • Eliminated joints
  • Huge savings time and labour costs
  • Increase in durability