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Case Studies

Flooring / Seamless Floors / Raft Slab / Heavy Duty Pavement / Internal Slab

WWWHP (World Wide Warehouse Hai Phong)

Warehouse 2 – Dinh Vu, Hai Phong, Vietnam

WWWHP (World Wide Warehouse Hai Phong) continued building the next phrase of their renting warehouse. The project is a suspended slab with 5400m2 floor area. The client wanted to have a flat floor according to Fm2 – TR34, the floor has been cast using a strip method, utilising a Dramix®  4D Combi slab solution enabling tight crack control and removing expansion joints.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 4D Combi Slab
  • 210mm Slab
  • Suspended slab


No expansion joints
tight crack control
More durable
Less maintenance costs