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Case Studies

Flooring / Liquid Tight Floors

Wintec restrained joint free floor

The clients engineer faced a major detailing challenge with the floor for the Polytechnic building. The slab is restrained through being tied into perimeter foundations, it has slot drains, slab rebates, column penetrations and internal block walls.

Detailing the slab with joints to guarantee avoiding uncontrolled cracking under service stresses wouldn’t have been possible. The Dramix® 4D Combi Slab solution took this restraint into account and enabled the construction of a joint free floor.
Hamilton, NZ

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX® 4D 65/60BG
  • Additional Reinforcement - top layer of light mesh
  • Constructed with no moving joints
  • C30/37 concrete
  • Engineer: Aecom
  • Contractor: Fletcher Construction


  • Large joint free restrained slab
  • Reduced long term maintenance