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Case Studies

Liquid Tight Floors

Western Power Generator Bunds

The major components of this project constructed in Forrestfield, Western Australia for
Western Power consists of three large bund areas which are designed with a crack width criteria
of 0.2mm, this was achieved by using a combined reinforcing method of DRAMIX
steel fibres and traditional reinforcing.

Project Completed in 2012

Technical solution:

  • Slab Thickness: 350mm
  • Fibre: Dramix
  • Reinforcing: 16mm bar @ 160ctrs T & B EW
  • Concrete: 32Mpa
  • Calculated Crack width: 0.2mm
  • No joints in the bunds


Saw cut free slab, no sealing of joints
Reduced long term maintenance
Improved durability and elimination of saw cut damage
No joints therefore reduced risk of environmental impact from generator leakage