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Case Studies

Seamless Floors / CombiSlab

Toll – Auckland

Toll use Dramix 4D Combi Slabs throughout their entire facility in Auckland

A Combi Slab (steel fibres + mesh or bar reinforcing) solution was used for the Internal Warehouse Slabs, the External Pavements as well as Rail Track Slab.

Dramix 4D 65/60BG at varying dosages was combined with conventional bar reinforcing for the track slabs and various mesh options for the internal slabs and external pavements.


Technical solution:

  • Dramix 4D Combi Slab
  • Removed Joints Throughout


The CombiSlab solutions removed the need for saw cuts and reduced or replaced movement joints in critical highly trafficked areas. Dramix was also added to the track slab foundations and topping slab for strength and crack control.