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Case Studies

Heavy Duty Pavement / CombiSlab

The World’s Largest Combi Slab Joint Free Pavement

Australian Container Freight Services at the Port of Brisbane

50,000m2 of completely seamless, absolutely no construction joints or saw-cuts, external pavement required to carry very heavy loads from bulk container storage and container handling equipment.

Owner: ACFS (Australian Container Freight Services) One of Australia’s largest container freight logistics providers.
Builder: Hansen Yuncken
Engineer: Northrop Consulting
Location: Port of Brisbane, QLD Australia
Application: Combi Slab

Technical solution:

  • Dramix Combi Slab at 290mm thick was utilised
  • Dramix steel fibres and one layer of top mesh
  • Provided a nominal crack width of 0.25mm


The design of a fully restrained Combi Slab without any construction joints or saw-cuts meant for fast construction of a thinner slab than alternative designs allowed, as well as minimising any future maintenance of the slab.