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Case Studies

Flooring / Pile Supported Slab

Slab-on-Piles – Dramix 5D Delivering the Ultimate Solution

DHL needed to expand their existing facility at Brisbane Airport, Dramix Slab-on-Piles provided the proven solution for the local ground conditions.

Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders have already built a couple of high quality Dramix 5D Slab-on-Piles projects at Brisbane Airport, and knew that it was again the right solution for the recently constructed expansion to the existing DHL facility. Tungsten Structures engineers were again on the project and worked with Keller to design this facility using their CMC piling system.

Builder: Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders

Engineer: Tungsten Structures

Concrete Contractor: McGinn Concrete

Concrete Supplier: Neilsens

Location: Brisbane Airport, QLD Australia

Technical solution:

  • Dramix fibre only Slab-on-Piles using Dramix 5D high performance steel fibres.


Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs eliminate the need for any saw-cuts. And by designing this facility with our structural high performance 5D fibres all additional loads associated with slab-on-piles design were easily accommodated.