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Case Studies

Saw Cut Floors / Flooring / Composite Deck

SHIMIZU use Dramix in Topping Layer

Dramix Toppings easier and more efficient to install.

The new factory of TAL (Hong Kong) Garment factory in Ba Thien, Vinh Phuc Vietnam was designed with precast hollow core panels for the upper decks. To ensure a flat surface a reinforced topping layer is placed over the precast decks. The most efficient and easiest way to place this topping layer is to utilise a Dramix Steel fibre reinforced concrete layer.
Completed in December 2015 – A total of 75,000m2 at 30mm thick was bonded to the precast panels allowing for larger distances between saw cuts upt o 10m.



Technical solution:

  • Dramix 3D
  • Quicker and easier to place than mesh
  • Saw Cut Slab Thin section only 30mm
  • Finished with a Liquid hardenenr


Reinforcing thin topping slabs is very difficult with traditional mesh, utilising a Dramix steel fibre solution for this application ensure the section is suitably reinforced. Its quick, easy and safer than using mesh.
This ensure a cost effective, safer solution for the builder.