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Case Studies

Raft Slab / Foundations

Queenstown Apartments Raft Slab

Dramix 5D greatly reduces the conventional reinforcing requirements for structural elements – enabling faster, safer and more cost effective construction.

In the red-hot New Zealand construction market, reducing the time to fix and tie steel reinforcing can provide major benefits to a construction programme. Calibre Consulting Engineers utilised Dramix 5D 65/60 BG fibre to redesign this 900mm deep, 1000m2 raft slab, resulting in the elimination of a significant volume of conventional reinforcing. The combined solution (fibre + conventional reinforcing) provided equivalent structural performance and crack control with approximately 40% less conventional steel, all designed in accordance with NZS3101. The revised design was significantly faster to construct and approximately 10-15% cheaper than the original design.

Engineer: Calibre Consulting
Main Contractor: Envision Eighty20
Concrete Contractor: Structural Concrete Solutions
Concrete Supplier: Firth Industries

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 5D 65/60 BG @ 25kg
  • Reduced conventional reinforcing content by approx. 40%


Significant savings in cost and construction time.