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Case Studies


Pad Foundations – QLD

Dramix® 5D 65/60BG was used to replace the conventionally reinforced cages in the pad foundations for this commercial building.

The cracked Dramix® 5D section in bending is stronger than the uncracked section, this allowed replacement of the structural reinforcing and in some cases enabled a re-design of the pad foundation.

This increased the speed of construction and reduced concrete wastage from overcut foundations that are common with caged foundations to guarantee minimum cover requirements. Replacing this cage resulted in time, labour and material savings and a provided a more durable structure.

TYPE OF APPLICATION: Warehouse Pad Foundations

2013: Brisbane, Australia

ENGINEER: Henry and Hymas


Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX® 5D 65/60BG
  • Concrete thickness - 400 - 1000mm deep
  • Concrete quality: C32/40
  • Project size: 15,000m2