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Case Studies

Flooring / Jointless Floors

QLD Glass get a glass-like finish with Dramix Jointless Slabs at their new Facility

The Port of Brisbane Authority and Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders are extremely impressed with the super-high quality of the finished floor at the new QLD Glass facility at Lytton

S & C Concrete Services have placed another top level Dramix Jointless Slab at the new QLD Glass facility, and both Tomkins and the Port Authority are so impressed that it has now been set as the benchmark for their future projects. And on top of that, they were able to pour all 7000m2 in just 6 days!

Technical solution:

  • Dramix Fibre Only
  • Reduced slab thickness compared to traditional plain concrete design
  • No Saw cuts


Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs eliminate the need for any saw-cuts and the associated maintenance of them. S & C Concrete Services were able to save significant time with this solution, being a great help to Tomkins after being called in at the eleventh hour. And the supply by Boral/Q-Crete was again excellent allowing for high volumes of concrete to be installed very quickly.

Location: Lytton, QLD Australia