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Case Studies


Precast Sumps

Replacement sumps were required after a couple of years due to the corrosive environment which resulted in the reinforcing steel corroding and causing spalling.

The “inlet” and “outlet” holes had to be cut/drilled onsite.

Manufactured by Duracrete using their innovative Self Compacting Concrete.

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type: Dramix® 5D 65/60GG
  • 30kg/m?
  • Concrete thickness: 150mm thick section
  • Concrete quality: C40/50


  • The “Inlet” and “Outlet” holes could be cut onsite without the concern of exposing the reinforcing
  • Proven to be more durable and corrosion resistant than traditionally reinforced sumps
  • No minimum cover was required
  • Cost and time savings were achieved