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Case Studies


Logistics warehouse

The Dramix® Combi Slab solution was used to construct a joint free floor. In addition to reducing maintenance, it enabled a more efficient and thinner slab design because loads on a joint didn't have to be considered.

Pallet storage facilities are heavily trafficked and can have high point loads from racking. Being able to eliminate joints is an attractive proposition to the building owner because it reduces downtime and ongoing maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of jointed floors.

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX®
  • Additional Reinforcement - top layer of mesh
  • Constructed completely joint free
  • C35/45 concrete
  • Engineer: Markplan Consulting Ltd.
  • Contractor: BCP


  • Restrained slab constructed joint free
  • Reduced long term maintenance
  • Improved durability and elimination of joint damage from hard wheeled forklift