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Case Studies

Foundations / Mining

KOMATSU – Port Hedland

By using DRAMIX® 5D for the footings the builder was able to reduce construction time by 4 weeks. DRAMIX® was not only able to meet the technical requirements, it was also able to exceed all on site requirements.

The Komatsu Project in Port Hedland adopted Dramix SFRC for all slabs on grade and the complete replacement of conventional reinforcing cages in the huge footings.

Constructed by Copper & Oxley in April 2014, the remote location of Port Headland, 1500km north of Perth, made Dramix fibres the ideal solution to minimise transport and labour of conventional reinforcing.

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX® 5D 65/60BG
  • Additional Reinforcement - NIL
  • 1500mm Deep Footings
  • 32Mpa Concrete


Removed all conventional reinforcing, which was up to N20 & N28 @ 200 centres.
No Fabrication of reinforcing cages on site, and no placement and labour costs associated with them.
Build schedule was reduced by 4 weeks using Dramix?
All designs were backed by BOSFA calcs