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Case Studies

Flooring / Saw Cut Floors / CombiSlab

High Volume Intersection Utilises Dramix Solution

One of Western Australia's highways has seen Dramix standing the test of time for many years

Constructed back in 2012, there are 4 major intersections between Karratha and Dampier. Each intersection constructed using a concrete slab reinforced with Dramix 3D fibres. These intersections are noted to have between 14,000 – 20,000 vehicle movements per day ranging from standard vehicle loads to major road train loadings. So if you’ve ever wondered if those little fibres can handle the load, here’s a great example of yes they can.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 3D
  • No Mesh
  • Simplified Construction


Fast to install
Reduced labour
Reduce waste
Efficient design
Long term durability and performance
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