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Case Studies


Footings with no traditional reinforcement

Dramix 5D – Pad Footings & Strip Footings

Dexus 12,000m2 warehouse utilised Dramix 5D for all foundations, eliminating the need for any traditional reinforcement.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 5D
  • No traditional reo
  • Speed and efficiency


Dramix 5D allowed for significant speed up in Construction time, with no cage reo required 10 x Pad Footings were poured per day in less than 2hrs.

The proven success of the Pad Footings then created requested strip footing design changes by Qanstruct – Moment Capacities proposed c/o Design Management, approved by Qanstruct & Strip Footings also completed in Dramix 5D.

Speed and efficiency are key aspects of using Dramix 5D in your next project