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Case Studies

Flooring / Heavy Duty Pavement / CombiSlab


External Saw Cut Free Combi Slab

The external yard pavements, which are heavily worked, were designed without saw cuts and had armoured full depth high moving plate dowels at 25m centres.

Technical solution:

  • 150mm thick
  • Dramix 4D 65/60BG
  • Customised mesh
  • Full depth armoured plate dowels at 25m centres
  • No saw cuts


Saw cuts will inevitably become a maintenance issue for distribution, logistics and warehousing facilities. Hard wheeled forklifts and containers will wreak havoc on any unarmoured joints which will lead to ongoing maintenance cost and part of the yard having to be shut down for a period of time. Saw cuts also need to be sealed which adds to the initial construction cost but they will also need to be re-sealed regularly.