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Case Studies

Heavy Duty Pavement / CombiSlab

External Hard Stand Goes DRAMIX 4D Combi Slab

The benefits of using Dramix Combi Slab being realised on a 7000sqm external hard stand

One of the major issues facing an external pavement is the required jointing. Unless regularly maintained, generally yearly and in some cases monthly these external pavements are destined to fail at some point. This can cause reduced productivity due to the failure in the slab joints and during any repairs that need to be carried out, unfortunately repairs tend to be just a band aid never really fixing the underlying issue, the joint has failed.
This is where Dramix Combi Slab can reduce and in many cases remove all the joints including saw cuts and dowelled joints, leaving a surface that will require little or no maintenance at all.

Speak to us about your next project and how Dramix Combi Slab can benefit and add value to your project.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 4D 65/60
  • Std Mesh
  • 32Mpa
  • Designed Crack Width 0.2mm


Reduced Maintenance
Increased Slab Capacity
No Joints – No Saw Cuts / No Dowelled Joints