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Case Studies

Jointless Floors

Dramix Slabs – Great for Retail Too

The new Total Tools Store at North Lakes in QLD is a great example of why Dramix steel fibre slabs are suitable for retail outlets as well.

Tomkins Commercial and industrial Builders recently completed the new retail store for Total Tools using the tried and tested solution of a Dramix Jointless Slab. McVeigh Consultants had no hesitation in specifying this solution even though it was going to be used for public access, and the quality of the finished floors speak for themselves.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs at 150mm thick, with Dramix Steel Fibres at 30kg/m3


Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs eliminate the need for any saw-cuts and the associated maintenance of them. And the high quality finished floors give a great industrial feel for this type of store, without the extra expense and time of additional floor coverings.

Builder: Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders
Engineer: McVeigh Consulting
Concrete Contractor: Austwide Concrete Constructions
Concrete Supplier: Hanson
Location: North Lakes, QLD Australia
Application: Dramix 3D