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Case Studies

Flooring / Jointless Floors

Dramix Jointless Slabs – A Tried and Tested Solution

Douglas Constructions and McVeigh Consulting add another Dramix warehouse to their ever-growing list of projects

Douglas Constructions have constructed another Dramix steel fibre warehouse slab at Larapinta, again designed and specified by McVeigh Consulting engineers. Achieving the best possible solution, whilst saving significant time, Dramix was used in the Footings and Slabs. Bess Concrete placed very high quality floors in a short timeframe, with the ready-reinforced concrete supplied by Holcim.

Builder: Douglas Constructions
Engineer: McVeigh Consulting
Contractor: Bess Concrete
Location: Larapinta, QLD, Australia

Technical solution:

  • Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs
  • More efficient slab thickness compared to mesh
  • Dramix fibre only footings


Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs eliminate the need for any saw-cuts and the associated maintenance of them. Also offer more efficient pour sequencing saving significant time, often pouring two adjacent slabs on the same day. Also Dramix fibre only Footings quick install of footings, which help the build significantly with the schedule.