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Case Studies

Flooring / Liquid Tight Floors

Combi Slab – Truck wash slab

This truck wash roadway was constructed as fully restrained; it has large edge thickenings, re-entrant corners and a central drain running almost the full length of the road.

A conventionally reinforced solution would have required 2 layers of reinforcing bars to ensure a crack width of 0.2mm.

To achieve the same crack width, the Dramix® Combi Slab solution only required one layer of bars plus Dramix®. A simpler, faster and more cost effective option to construct.

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX®
  • Additional Reinforcement - top layer of mesh
  • Constructed completely joint free
  • C30/37 concrete
  • Engineer: Opus
  • Contractor : Fulton Hogan


  • Watertight restrained joint free slab
  • Reduced long term maintenance
  • Improved durability and elimination of expensive watertight joints