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Case Studies


Bulk storage facility

Bulk storage facilities typically require heavy foundations to support the cantilevered walls, these are tied into?the floor slab. The restraint that this induces in the floor requires appropriate detailing of joints.

Using a Dramix® Combi Slab solution meant this restraint could be taken into account in the design of the floor and enabled the construction of a joint free slab.

This was beneficial to the building owner because it eliminated the ongoing maintenance costs and disruption associated with joints.

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX®
  • Additional Reinforcement - top layer of mesh
  • Constructed completely joint free
  • C40/50 concrete
  • Engineer: MSC Consultants
  • Contractor: Conslab


  • Restrained slab constructed joint free
  • Reduced long term maintenance
  • Improved durability and elimination of joint damage from front end loader