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Case Studies

Jointless Floors / Internal Slab

Another Slab-on-CMC’s at Brisbane Airport

Aramex are building a brand new 25,000m2 facility at Brisbane Airport, ready to be filled with endless parcels for handling and distribution. As standard for the geotechnical conditions in this area, ground improvement was required and CMC’s were the chosen method once again. Dramix steel fibres have become the obvious solution for these types of projects over the past years with their ability to accommodate the hogging and sagging moments induced by this method of ground improvement. And SETC have, again, been able to produce extremely high-quality burnished slabs for Tomkins Commercial and Industrial, one of BAC’s favorite builders. Another great outcome by a great overall team.

Developer: – Aramex
Builders: – Tomkins Commercial and Industrial
Engineers: – Northrop Consulting
Premix Suppliers: – Holcim Concrete
Contractor: – SETC

Technical solution:

  • Dramix Fibre Only