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Case Studies

Flooring / Jointless Floors / Heavy Duty Pavement / CombiSlab

Another Complete Container Park Facility Constructed in the Best Possible Way

Tomkins use Dramix once again, this time for their new Container Park and Warehouse for Silk Logistics at the Port of Brisbane.

McVeigh Consulting again specified a “Seamless” Dramix 4D Combi Slab for the 22,000m2 Container Park to handle the huge loads from the massive forklifts and stacked containers.
Dramix Jointless slabs were used for the 15,000m2 internal warehouse as well.
And on top of that Dramix was used in the Footings throughout the facility too.

Builder: Tomkins Commercial and Industrial
Engineer: McVeigh Consulting
Concrete Contractor: QR Contracting
Concrete Supplier: Boral
Location: Fisherman’s Island. Port of Brisbane, QLD Australia
Application: Dramix 4D Combi Slab / Dramix 3D Jointless Slabs / Dramix Footings

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 4D Combi Slab at 325mm thick with Dramix steel fibres and mesh.
  • Jointless Slabs for the warehouse using Dramix at 30kg/m3.
  • Dramix fibre only Footings.


Seamless Dramix 4D Combi Slabs eliminate all of the saw-cuts and joints throughout the entire pavement, which in turn eliminates the highest risk area for future deteriation and maintenance under these huge loads.