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Aldi Facility WA Utilise Dramix

Aldi Distribution Facility at Jandakot Perth 2015

45,000m2 of Jointless Internal Warehouse slabs, all reinforced with Dramix steel fibre. The Internal slabs were designed to have no saw-cuts to minimise maintenance under hard wheeled forklifts, and to accommodate up to 12.7 Tonne post loads from the installed racking. The internal pours are some of the largest fibre only pours achieved in Australia spaning 40m x 40m.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 3D fibres were used to replace all conventional reinforcement
  • More efficient slab thickness was achieved
  • Large panel pours 40 x 40m


The Dramix steel fibre only designs allowed for much faster  construction and larger slab pours with no need for the placement of conventional steel, as well as providing a better solution to resist the heavy loads being applied.

Owner: Aldi
Builder: Cockram Construction
Engineer: Northrop Consulting
Location: Brendale, QLD Australia
Application: Dramix 3D