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Case Studies


Dramix used at ACFS Port of Brisbane Facility

Australian Container Freight Services at the Port of Brisbane – Internal Warehouse Slabs and Footings

Not only did ACFS build 50,000m2 of completely seamless Dramix Combi Slab external pavement, but they also used Dramix for their Internal Warehouse slabs and their Pad Footings at their Port of Brisbane facility.

Owner: ACFS (Australian Container Freight Services) One of Australia’s largest container freight logistics providers.
Builder: Hansen Yuncken
Engineer: Northrop Consulting
Location: Port of Brisbane, QLD Australia
Application: Dramix 3D

Technical solution:

  • Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs at 150mm thick with Dramix steel fibres at 30kg/m3.
  • Dramix steel fibres only to reinforce the pad footings.


Dramix fibre only Jointless slabs eliminate the need for any saw-cuts and potential maintenance issues associated with them, having no mesh allowing for much faster construction. By using Dramix steel fibre in the pad footings excavation, reinforcing and concrete filling was able to be done fast and without concerns of impending weather.