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ACFS get another Combi Slab

Dramix 4D Heavy Duty Combi Slab

As any owner of a commercial facility knows the concrete slab is the life line of the operation, if it fails its very difficult to operate and keep up the demands of the day to day efficiencies required of any commercial operation. This is why the Dramix Combi Slab option offers such a perfect solution. With the removal of not only saw cuts but also dowelled joints, the risk of the slab not being operational from a damaged joint is completely eliminated.
With the removal of joints the overall slab can also be designed thinner and more robust and this is why container yards are now opting for this solution, the benefits far out way the risk of a failed slab.
Well done to Kerman’s, Perth Concrete Services and Holcim for an excellent job.

Technical solution:

  • Combi Slab
  • Dramix 4D + mesh
  • No Joints - No saw cuts - No dowelled joints


The benefits of a Dramix Combi Slab are may but the main points to look at are:
No Joints – Reduced maintenance
More efficient design – Thinner slab
Overall robustness of the entire slab
Crack width design – even for environmental wash down slabs