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Case Studies


A Sign of the Times – Caltex Price Sign uses Dramix 5D fibres

Caltex Truck Stop Price Sign – Northbound on the Pacific Motorway at Chinderah in Northern NSW.

This inconspicuous and often ignored sign, unless it’s advertising cheap fuel, has utilised the benefits of Dramix steel fibres. Dramix 5D steel fibres were designed to replace all of the conventional steel reinforcing in the large Foundation, and were easily able to accommodate the structural requirements making for much faster and easier construction.
Simply dig the Foundation hole, and fill it with Dramix steel fibre reinforced concrete.

Technical solution:

  • Dramix 5D fibre only
  • Dig and Pour
  • Fast construction time


Dramix fibre only solution for the foundation meant that the hole could simply be dug to size, and then filled with already Dramix 5D steel fibre reinforced concrete straight out of the back of the concrete truck, saving significant construction time.