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Case Studies


KOMATSU – Port Hedland

By using DRAMIX® 5D for the footings the builder was able to reduce construction time by 4 weeks. Therefore DRAMIX® is not only meeting the technical requirements it is also meeting and exceeding on site requirements.

  • April 2014
  • Westrn Australia – Port Hedland
    1500Klm North of Perth
  • Komatsu Warehouse – Footings
  • Copper & Oxley

Technical solution:

  • Fibre Type - DRAMIX® 5D 65/60
  • Additional Reinforcement - NIL
  • 1500mm Deep Footings
  • 32Mpa Concrete


Removed all Traditional Reo – N20 – N28 @ 200ctrs
No Fabrication of reo on site, no placement and labour costs associated with reo
Build schedule gained 4 weeks using Dramix?
All Backed by BOSFA calcs