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16 July, 2015

Happy Valley Outlet Channel

Construction of flood channel 700m in length 8m wide by SMEC Eng. in South Australia. The difficulty of this water project is in detailing for joints and restraint with expected high water flow.20m/sec. High volume of steel are needed to control cracking and seepage issues.

happy valley

Technical solution:

  • Fibre type: Dramix® 4D 65/60BG
  • Fully restrained slab Nominal C/W 0.2mm
  • 35kg/m3
  • 12mm custom mesh at 100mm centres Top
  • Concrete quality: C40/50
  • No Joints


  • Reduced 2 layers of bars + mesh
  • Eliminated joints
  • Huge savings time and labour costs
  • Increase in durability