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29 March, 2018

Builder realises the Dramix benifits – Cost and Time savings

After some dramas early on in a new warehouse project, the builder knew that they needed to change the main slabs to a Dramix Fibre Jointless solution to save on time and cost, well yeah, that’s a given.

But when the builder realised they might still be able to reduce the program even further, we were asked if we could also look at a Dramix Combi Slab alternative for the perimeter slab behind the retaining walls. Whilst we could have also reduced the thickness through this area, we had to maintain the existing thickness due to the earthworks already being complete. Our solution allowed them to swap the bottom reinforcing bars with mesh, whilst keeping everything else the same, meaning that in this particular case there wasn’t our usual cost savings available, but that wasn’t the focus.

They loved it, that simple change on a relatively small area of the project was able to squeeze another 3 to 5 days out of the program. A great win for all parties!