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WWWHP (World Wide Warehouse Hai Phong) continued building the next phrase of their renting warehouse. The project is a suspended slab with 5400m2 floor area. The client wanted to have a flat floor according to Fm2 – TR34, the floor has been cast using a strip method, utilising a Dramix®  4D Combi slab solution enabling tight crack control and removing expansion joints.

The project was designed under ‘crack width’ consideration. With benefit of steel fibre, we could utilize the performance of steel fibre together with conventional reinforcement to act as moment resistance and crack control at the same time. The design provided a cost effective solution which met both ultimate and serviceability requirements.

High performance steel fibre Dramix®  4D plus mesh was used to carry 140kN post load. The Combi Slab solution makes it possible to design a monolithic slab, without joints, to meet tight rotation requirements from ASRS supplier. Providing an exceptional finished product.

Coca Cola Amatil new Distribution Facility in Queensland Australia, a 30,000m2 warehouse. This warehouse includes 9,000m2 of High-Bay Racking with an automated storage handling system. At 35 metres high, and with post loads of 27 Tonnes, the most suitable solution was a Seamless Combi Slab.   The remaining 21,000m2 uses our more typical Jointless slabs with Dramix 3D 65/60BG at 30kg/m3. With Dramix 4D initialised in the many foundations on the project as well.   McVeigh consulting engineers worked very closely with BOSFA and Bekaert® in determining the right solution for the Combi Slab to accommodate the different sorts of loading that will be applied to the slab. And they were able to utilise our Bekaert® Software to confirm the designs themselves for the fibre only slabs and the foundations.  A great example of everyone working together, with the tools available, to achieve the best possible solution in multiple applications on the one high profile project.

11,000m2 External Container Pavement (Independent Real Estate Consortium)

Dramix 4D Combi Slab allowed for significant reduction in slab thickness from Conventional Design, including Client requirement for fully-loaded Container Pavement (no BPA reduction factor applied), the removal of Saw Cuts also attractive for long-term maintenance savings.

The external yard pavements, which are heavily worked, were designed without saw cuts and had armoured full depth high moving plate dowels at 25m centres.

The new Kiwi Rail Locomotive wash slab in Christchurch was designed to be watertight without any joints. Dramix 5D structural steel fibre was used to provide additional capacity in the foundations and was also used in the slab to design for a nominal crack width of 0.2mm.

On the back of a number of successful external container pavements and due to the busy nature of the facility and the fact that joints require maintenance. The Combi Slab solution was chosen because it removed all joints including saw cuts and dowelled joints, leaving a surface that requires little or no maintenance at all. 

External apron slabs and hardstands, 12,0002, for 100t axle load Container fork lift and containers.

Internal waste transfer processing slab 2000m2 to handle very aggressive domestic waste with low PH level.

Owner: Veolia waste management
Builder: Lipman Construction
Engineer: Costin Roe
Location: Banksmeadow, Sydney
Application: Dramix® Combi Slab

This was a breezeway pavement for a logistics/warehousing facility with container and forklift loads. Dramix 4D Combi Slab was used to remove all the saw cuts and the inherent ongoing maintenance cost associated with saw cuts having to be re-sealed and saw cuts not initiating.

This was a breezeway pavement for a logistics warehousing facility with container and forklift loads. Dramix 4D Combi Slab was used to remove all the saw cuts and the inherent ongoing maintenance cost associated with saw cuts having to be re-sealed and saw cuts not initiating.

The new Perth BUSPORT required a water tight raft slab. BOSFA were able to support the design engineer’s BG&E to produce calculations for their nominated crack width.

Over a year since the Dramix Combi Slabs were placed at the Ceva Vehicle Logistics facility in Pinkenba and they remain in excellent condition. The saw-cut free fully restrained Combi Slab solution was chosen to accommodate some heavy loads, along with the poor ground conditions. And whilst other areas are suffering from ground support issues, the Internal Warehouse slabs are performing perfectly with no such concerns.