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Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders have already built a couple of high quality Dramix 5D Slab-on-Piles projects at Brisbane Airport, and knew that it was again the right solution for the recently constructed expansion to the existing DHL facility. Tungsten Structures engineers were again on the project and worked with Keller to design this facility using their CMC piling system.

Builder: Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders

Engineer: Tungsten Structures

Concrete Contractor: McGinn Concrete

Concrete Supplier: Neilsens

Location: Brisbane Airport, QLD Australia

An innovative solution using Dramix 5D steel fibre reinforcing to reduce the amount of conventional reinforcement required for shear, bending moment and crack control. The solution proved to be quicker, easier and more cost effective than the traditional more labour intensive option.

In the red-hot New Zealand construction market, reducing the time to fix and tie steel reinforcing can provide major benefits to a construction programme. Calibre Consulting Engineers utilised Dramix 5D 65/60 BG fibre to redesign this 900mm deep, 1000m2 raft slab, resulting in the elimination of a significant volume of conventional reinforcing. The combined solution (fibre + conventional reinforcing) provided equivalent structural performance and crack control with approximately 40% less conventional steel, all designed in accordance with NZS3101. The revised design was significantly faster to construct and approximately 10-15% cheaper than the original design.

Engineer: Calibre Consulting
Main Contractor: Envision Eighty20
Concrete Contractor: Structural Concrete Solutions
Concrete Supplier: Firth Industries

Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders recently completed the new Distribution Facility for Miele appliances at Brisbane Airport. Tungsten Structures engineers worked closely with BOSFA and Menard Oceania to design this facility as a Dramix fibre only Slab-on-Piles using a CMC piling system.

Builder: Tomkins Commercial and Industrial Builders
Engineer: Tungsten Structures
Concrete Contractor: S & C Concrete Services
Concrete Supplier: Boral
Location: Brisbane Airport, QLD Australia

WWWHP (World Wide Warehouse Hai Phong) continued building the next phrase of their renting warehouse. The project is a suspended slab with 5400m2 floor area. The client wanted to have a flat floor according to Fm2 – TR34, the floor has been cast using a strip method, utilising a Dramix®  4D Combi slab solution enabling tight crack control and removing expansion joints.

Dramix 5D65/60BG was used to replace all the conventional structural reinforcing in over 3km of foundations required to support the concrete sound barriers along State Highway 1 in Ellerslie. 

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This is the first Dramix slab on pile project in Malaysia. Pile spacing is 3.2m x 3.2m grid, the slab is resting on 200mm x 200mm square pile. No pile caps are required for the construction of the slab. The floor is constructed by Asia Powermix with TK Flat Floor Malaysia.

The new renting warehouse for WWWHP (World Wide Warehouse Hai Phong) in Dinh Vu, is designed as a Slab on Pile to carry 4t post loads from the racking system and a UDL of up to 3t/m2.
The Dramix 5D Slab on Pile solution was chosen as the most cost effective solution, with a reduction in the slab thickness and removing up to 90% of the traditional reinforcing.

The new Kiwi Rail Locomotive wash slab in Christchurch was designed to be watertight without any joints. Dramix 5D structural steel fibre was used to provide additional capacity in the foundations and was also used in the slab to design for a nominal crack width of 0.2mm.

Reclaimed land which couldn’t support a slab on grade