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tunneling_DB18tunneling_DB12Dramix® Steel fibres are commonly used in both dry and wet sprayed concrete to replace the traditional and complicated 1 or 2 layers of mesh reinforcement, thereby providing substantial technical, economical and safety benefit for shotcrete.

DRAMIX® can be used in:
  • Fibre reinforced shotcrete for use in both temporary & final linings
  • Precast tunnel segments for use with TBMs
  • Cast in situ linings Track Slabs
  • Inverts Cable and Water Ducts
  • Border Elements Pavements
  • Kerbs

They can also be used in cast or precast applications either in combination with, or to completely replace mesh/bar, to provide concrete elements that are not only easier and faster to construct but offer enhanced performance in terms of load carrying capacity, impact resistance, durability and fatigue performance.

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