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Book a presentation with one of our Managers in your state and get the latest up to date developments in steel fibre reinforced concrete. Get to see DRAMIX® 4D and 5D and how this can apply to your designs. See what we have been doing in your state and get the opportunity to ask those […]BOSFA now have their own LinkedIn page. Join us and get all the latest on what we are doing project wise in your state. The world of steel fibre reinforced concrete has never been so dynamic so get involved and be a part of designing tomorrows structures, today.

Perth Busport Raft slab

Another fantastic project for DRAMIX® to be involved with – 8000cbm of DRAMIX® 4D Steel Fibre reinforced concrete pumped into place at Perth Busport Raft slab.  

Happy Valley Outlet Channel

Construction of flood channel 700m in length 8m wide by SMEC Eng. in South Australia. The difficulty of this water project is in detailing for joints and restraint with expected high water flow.20m/sec. High volume of steel are needed to control cracking and seepage issues. Technical solution: Fibre type: …