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Griya Idola Industrial Park just launched a new industrial area in Tangerang, west of Jakarta. The pavement is prepared for heavy truck loads and long term usage. Original design is 300mm thick slab with K400 concrete reinforced by 2 layer of wiremesh M8. This was completely replaced with Dramix 3D fibres, first slab was cast in 2014 and still continue until today.

Tobacco industry remains high in South East Asia, some producers are opening new production facilities or upgrading their production facility. Due to superior performance against cracking and to minimize slab joints. A Dramix solution was chosen to upgrade two production facilities one at British American Tobacco in Malang, East Java and the other at Japan Tobacco International (JTI) in Malang. Both production facilities in Pasuruan utilise the same high performance Dramix solution.

After repairing, a topping layer has been added with 6cm of thickness and 12kg/m3 of Dramix 3D steel fibre. The concrete is also mixed with crystalline admix to reduce concrete permeability. The concept is quite interesting. Dramix fibre helps to limit crack width of the topping, while the crystalline admixture assists with pore blocking and self-healing the micro crack by nano crystals. Both products work very well together to offer to a offer the best solution.

The new 27,000sqm Northline facility in Regency Park, South Australia utilised the tried and tested Dramix fibre only jointless solution for the internal slabs. With the external slabs adopting a Dramix Combi Slab, enabling the removal of all saw cuts and all dowelled joints from the pavement. Having no joints makes for the most efficient design with the additional benefit of long term reduced maintenance cost with the removal of costly jointing systems.

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The new factory of TAL (Hong Kong) Garment factory in Ba Thien, Vinh Phuc Vietnam was designed with precast hollow core panels for the upper decks. To ensure a flat surface a reinforced topping layer is placed over the precast decks. The most efficient and easiest way to place this topping layer is to utilise a Dramix Steel fibre reinforced concrete layer.
Completed in December 2015 – A total of 75,000m2 at 30mm thick was bonded to the precast panels allowing for larger distances between saw cuts upt o 10m.



One of the major benefits when using Dramix steel fibre reinforced concrete (DSFRC) is the efficiency in design, efficiency in construction and the cost effective solutions that can be achieved.
The below images are a small sample from various project sin the North West that have utilised Dramix in the concrete.

After many Truck Stop pavements throughout Australia being constructed with Dramix steel fibres, which handle the heavy loads and significant number of truck and car movements, Hutchinson Builders knew it was the right option for the new Caltex Truck Stop at Chinderah in Northern NSW. This solution allowed them to remove all traditional reinforcing mesh, reduce the pavement thickness, no requirement for a pump, saving them time and money.

This 48,000m2 floor area facility will be used to store tobacco leafs, process and final packaging.

Initial design was using 40kg/m3 loose low performing type fibre. With the combined effort with our partner Infratex Environmental Services Philippines Inc – Bekaert®’s proposal was to use a high performance fibre floor solution at a lower dose rate. By using Dramix 3D 80/60BG, the dose rate can be reduced offering significant saving to the main contractor.

Douglas Constructions look to Dramix again for the best solution to their latest project, a new warehouse facility at Geebung in Queensland for National Glass. Not only were they able to speed up the project to meet the tight timeframe, but they were able to use a number of different design solutions to accommodate the varying areas within the facility. The 12,500m2 warehouse was supplied by Boral Concrete and placed by ShepCon in a short timeframe, and included areas of saw-cut slabs, saw-cut free Jointless slabs, and a combination of fibre and conventional mesh in some areas.

45,000m2 of Jointless Internal Warehouse slabs, all reinforced with Dramix steel fibre. The Internal slabs were designed to have no saw-cuts to minimise maintenance under hard wheeled forklifts, and to accommodate up to 12.7 Tonne post loads from the installed racking. The internal pours are some of the largest fibre only pours achieved in Australia spaning 40m x 40m.

Douglas Constructions, along with Malcolm Douglas Consultants, choose Dramix steel fibre again as the best solution for their Walsh Family Transport warehouse project at Berrinba QLD. Stage 1 of the warehouse facility was 5800m2 and was able to be supplied by Neilsens Concrete and placed by ShepCon Contracting in just over a week, helping to achieve the very tight deadline for the project.

Douglas Constructions propose another Dramix steel fibre solution to Dexus Property Group for their new warehouse facility at Larapinta as a faster, cost effective, and overall better solution. The 23,000m2 warehouse was supplied by Holcim Concrete and poured by Bess Concrete to an outstanding quality in a very short timeframe.